Comprehensive services for collecting, analysing, and modelling LiDAR data for AEC, industry, heritage, land, and mining.

3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scanning and modelling service changes the way you record and see your possessions. We use cutting-edge technology and a lot of experience to get accurate data from FARO scanners, which can scan up to 1 million points per second. We can make very detailed 3D models and 2D drawings with this advanced scanning method. This gives businesses, construction sites, and historical places a lot of useful information.

Our service facilitates the documentation of industrial facilities, construction progress, and cultural heritage preservation, thereby providing invaluable insights that can be applied to project planning, maintenance, and design optimisation. Our expertise in AutoCAD enables us to seamlessly incorporate the results of 3D scanning into your current workflows, thereby optimising the efficiency of your engineering and design procedures.

As-Built Surveys

  • Inspection of Structures

  • Floor Flatness and Verticality Verification

  • Asset visualisation, Documentation and Management

Building Information Modelling

  • Scan to BIM

  • MEP Modeliing

  • Clash Detection

Digital Factory

  • Visiluation and Documentaion as per Industry 4.0

  • Walk through using 360° Images

Heritage Structure Documentation

  • Preparation of existing plans, Monitoring over time

  • Restoration Plans of Damaged Structure